mega 2560 + arduino-0022 + 64Bit + Linux == A Big Mess


I use Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx @ amd64).

How can i use arduino mega 2560 under Ubuntu 64bit with the arduino environment?


Well getting arduino working on a 64bit linux has been a little of extra work since i remember, but now it really got unbearable.

arduino 0019 works fine but does not want to see /dev/ttyACMx even with the librxtx replaced by version RXTX-2.2pre2. == no mega 2560 usable with this one.

arduino 0022 freezes in between (stalling desktop), the menus dont show sometimes, it "looses" the serialport information (greyed out serial port selection) some times and is noticable slow compared to 0019.

right now, arduino 0022+ubuntu lucid lynx 64bit + RXTX-2.2pre2(natty) + arduino mega are not really usable.

Ignoring 64bit Users for years now is ok for me. But kicking them while they allready are laying on the floor is too much. what is the reason for this anti 64bit atitude?

sugestions for future releases: Finaly putting a (fully working)64bit librxtx into your arduino software distri.

Putting minimum software requirements somewhere to read (the mega product page for example ::

A place where i can see what software arduino 0022 is tested against and known to work? (java version, librxtx version and what else...) == support/dependency matrix.

I played with unos, duemillanovas, and one nano. And i really like the hardware and libraries so please get the development environment fixed, and do not let it drag down the rest.

regards, John