MEGA 2560 Board "Uploading..." indefinitely on Arduino IDE

I am trying to upload code to a MEGA 2560, but the process compiles and does not get past an “Uploading…” message.
I’m working on a Windows 10 64 Bit computer with the Arduino IDE.
I’ve had this board that came with a kit for about a week now(this is my first Arduino exposure). I do not think it is an actual Arduino-made board, but I don’t believe that this is causing the problems unless there’s some sort of malware that came with the driver installation.

After looking at the troubleshooting guide, I made sure I went through it and followed the instructions, but I can’t find anything wrong there(the board type and port in the tools section of the IDE seem fine). I have reset the board(with the manual button and unplugging), the IDE, and my computer more than once; none of that works.

I have been able to upload to the board many times before, but I’ve had problems with avrdude.exe or something like that crashing, however not on the current computer, but I was able to upload with my current computer to the board.

Earlier, I tried to work on the board with an infrared setup and the corresponding code, but it never uploaded. This was the first time I tried to upload to the board for this day on my computer(after shutting my computer down), but it has worked before (in fact, everything was working fine on a different computer at school). I have also tried to remove all the wiring on the board and changing the USB port that I use as the troubleshooting guide says, but this hasn’t changed anything.

I guess I should show the “verbose” compiling and uploading messages now, but they seem very long, and they stop at the message (in the black box of the IDE) of the memory usage on the board, while the message right above the black box says “Uploading…”). The verbose messages are attached as a text file(hopefully).

If you have any questions, please ask them and I will try to respond as soon as I can.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

SOLUTION: I have figured a way around the problem. If I were to open the Arduino code file as it is (the one for IR that I was trying to upload came from a CD of examples) by double clicking on it, the uploading would take forever and never upload, however, if I opened the Arduino IDE and then opened the code file with File > Open, it would upload successfully.

verbose_messages.txt (33.9 KB)