mega 2560 + ch340 havin no quartz?

I have received today 2 mega2560 mini boards, that seem to work fine, but I wonder that the 12MHz quartz and the 2 capacitors for the CH340 chip are unpopulated.

According to the CH340 product sheet, the quartz or resonator is required, or a 12MHz signal must be fed.
Can the ATMega 2560 provide the required 12MHz clock?


Can you post a photo of the boards, close enough to see the components. It may be they are using another clock source.

here is the picture.
You can see the unpopulated quartz and beside it the unpopulated place for the 22nF caps.
I could not find on the board any resonator...

CH340C, CH340E and CH340B have built-in crystal, no external crystal



OK, that explains...
Thank you.