MEGA 2560 - conversion of sine V amplitude to 4-20mA?

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to convert the amplitude of a sinusoidal burst signal (like the one in the attached jpg) into a suitable output into a stable 4-20mA response? If yes what device would allow so?

I am aware that a continuous time independent response is standard for such conversion. However, in case of some ultrasonic sensors (e.g. for NDT) the response is made of multiple sinusoidal reflections.Would it be possible to convert the amplitude (or the RMS of the amplitude) of high frequency (e.g. >1MHz, <10MHz) sinusoidal burst reflections into 4-20mA standard using the MEGA 2560 by Arduino? Further, would it be possible to do that in case of multiple reflections? Does the nature of this type of signals introduce any complication in such conversion?

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The ADC sampling frequency of the Mega is 9.6 kHz.

No chance to deal with a 1-10 MHz signal without suitable external hardware.