Mega 2560 is not detected by Windows

Hi! I have recently purchased an Arduino Mega 2560 to work on a project. I have worked in Arduino UNO and everything was fine, but Windows (7) doesn't detect my Mega, that is, it doesn't appears like a device connected to the PC. Also, in Tools -> Serial Port it doesn't show anything. I Downloaded the latest version, and older one, but the problem seems to persist.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

Is it a REAL arduino or a clone ? (if unsure post decent quality pictures)
Have you tried it with everything disconnected ?
Have you tried a different USB cable ?
Are you connecting via a USB HUB or directly to your PC ?
How are you powering it ?
Which IDE version/s ?

Have you tried drivers for clones (GOOGLE CH340 / 341)

I tried with everything disconnected, but I dont tried with a different USB cable.
I connect it directly to the PC
I tried in the latest version and 1.6.5
I haven’t tried any driver

Sainsmart are usually pretty reliable. I have a couple of thier boards.

It looks like an FTDI chip for the comms so it maybe OK. (beware FTDI gate ) Maybe the driver is not installed for the hardware ?

Going to send you here JIC. Ignore the fact that it says for UNO

Or you could also grab drivers from here

Another cable would be my first check.

I found that for my MEGA's and UNO's that IDE 1.6.5 r5 worked the best on win 7 x64. 1.6.9 was a little hit and miss unless I was using it for ESP boards.

Thanks! I will try it!


Don’t forget to do a full clean up after uninstall any IDE.

I use REVO as the uninstaller
Then I use CCLEANER (always good to use at least once a week anyway)
And then I use the WISE registry cleaner. (again worth using on a semi regular basis)

Don’t forget to grab your SKETCHES folder and put it somewhere safe out of harms way.

And as a final measure don’t forget to double check and delete the arduino users folder
Usually located in C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Arduino1.5 unless you have a split install. :slight_smile:

That maybe sometimes hidden so you may need to show hidden files. Google it if unsure its pretty easy.