Mega 2560 pin output power and control question

I am trying to determine the total pin power requirements for my Mega 2560 project; it will connect to 3 1m Neopixel strips and 5 RGB laser fiberoptic lights, and control them via PWM. Each strip and light will have its own external power supply. The laser lights will be controlled by an Adafruit TLC5947 LED Breakout board with 3 (R,G,B) inputs. Further, each laser light is turned on by a logic high command.

My questions are: How can I determine the total pin outputs? Can all this be controlled safely from the Mega, or will I need to add transistors? I have read many places 200mA is the maximum for the Mega, however CrossRoads posted here that for the Mega it is actually 800mA.

My other question is regarding the logic high command for the 5 units; can this be combined into a single pin output that gets multiplexed out to the 5 units via a breakout board, or …?

Attached is my rough schematic. Thanks in advance for your guidance!

There is only one way to know more: measure the input current of the (disconnected) devices, in low (Gnd) and high (Vcc) state.