mega 2560 r2 with ethernet shield r3

I'm just starting with the above boards. I have read about connecting pins 10,11,12 to 50, 51, 52. I did not make the connections as of yet but it appears to work without them. I have verified analog port 0 works at least. Is the pin rewiring still needed?

No rewiring required on that shield. The older shields (without the ICSP connector on the bottom) need that jumper and "pin bending".

Thank you! I was confused as the specs on the arduino site makes it appear that the r3 still needs rewired.

It does not need rewiring, but if you use an R3 shield on a pre-R3 Arduino, you will have 2 pins on each side that will overhang the connectors. You may need to bend those 2 pins on each side clear of the components on the Arduino. Uno as well.