Mega 2560 Serial Monitor

I just bought a new Mega 2560 and I'm having a problem with it, right off the bat... I don't know if this problem is the same as the other ones reported, but I am at least able to upload sketches to the board without problem (it seems other could not)... But, my problem is with the Serial Communication. When I upload the AnalogSerialRead sketch (Under the Examples\Basics tutorials) I would expect that when I launch the Serial Monitor that it would immediately start printing values from APin0 in the monitor. On the Uno, this happens nearly instantaneously. But, when I upload this sketch it takes about 7-10 seconds before anything starts happening. I've made sure I'm on the same Baud Rate... Again, this is just a basic test, but it happens on every sketch I upload that has information printing to the Serial Port. Is this a bug? Do I need to follow the hack instructions for updating the DFU? Or is this just faulty hardware? Any thoughts?

Probably just the differences between the bootloader program used in the Uno Vs the 2560 board.

Try this, load the program, open the serial monitor and after the delay and it starts printing, hit the manual reset button the board, if the delay is the same (before printing starts) then it's just the normal bootloader delay waiting to see if there is a new sketch to upload or not, if not it times out and only then jumps to the sketch and starts running. I think the Uno bootloader has a 'short wait' feature that times out much quicker if there in not a new sketch ready to upload.


I tried the manual reset... and it didn't work as I expected. Basically, when I upload the sketch and then I launch the Serial Monitor... it takes anywhere from 7-10 seconds to start receiving values... when I then hit the manual reset, it pauses for about maybe 0.5 to 1 second before sending values again... but definitely not as long as it takes the very first time I launch the Serial Monitor. I'm using the IDE ver. 0022. And I've never had any sort of problem like this with my Uno. Do you think this is a faulty board? Or is this normal behaviour?
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Do you think this is a faulty board? Or is this normal behaviour?

Well I'm kind of stumped. Opening the serial monitor triggers a auto-reset. Hitting the manual reset button of course causes a reset, so I don't see how the board could cause the symptom. I think the Uno and the 2560 board uses the same USB driver, so as I said I'm stumped as to why you are seeing the symptom you are having.


Hmm... Ok. I bought the board from Sparkfun, so perhaps I will contact them. It does still seem to be sending values (eventually) but it's really strange that even completely basic sketches still take almost 7-10 seconds before starting to print the values. Thanks again.