Mega 2560 to MAX 7219 fail.

Sorry I know this question has been asked before , but I cannot get my Mega 2560 to work with the 7219. I am new to Arduino, but not electronics. I have downloaded latest MD_MAX72XX,MD_MAXPanel, and MD_Parola. The newest version “MD_MAX72xx.h” does not let me 1/0 to use FC16_HW, instead it has-- GENERIC_HW, ///< Use ‘generic’ style hardware modules commonly available.
FC16_HW, ///< Use FC-16 style hardware module.
PAROLA_HW, ///< Use the Parola style hardware modules.
ICSTATION_HW, ///< Use ICStation style hardware module.
All that happens is 3 panels goes solid red. I have read all the posts that make any sense to me and I’m still going crazy here. Pins on board are on “CLK=52, CS = 53, DIN =51” Am I missing something simple? Thanks for helping if you can.

Wow I got it going :), changed the pin #'s in the library and I have to manually type FC16 in the hardware type of each example, but it works--sooooo cool.

If you use the hardware spi then there is no need to change the pin numbers except for CS, just make sure you connect to the correct pin number for the MEGA (51, 52 and 53, as you noted) and you select the correct hardware module type.