MEGA 2560: Ultimate Data Acquisition Platform!

Hello All!

I have released a new version of some of my older sketches!

What is A.D.A.P. and what’s new in version 2.0?

A.D.A.P. is the Arduino Data Acquisition Platform that was designed with the Mega 2560 in mind. Although, with the optimizations that came with v2.0, it can be run on an Uno or similar board with just a few small changes; but if enough people ask for an Uno version, I will make those changes and add the Uno Edition to this post along with the original. Version 2.0 adds a few features, mostly in the source code, and most of those changes involve better readability to make changes easier as well as using less memory, for example: the sketch now uses 15% less dynamic memory which allows the Uno to be physically capable of running it without stability problems (the first A.D.A.P. used well over 90% of the Uno’s dynamic memory).

Why should I care anyway?

This sketch allows very quick setup and combines that with ease of use to make a very efficient data-logging setup with a lot of customization. This sketch is adaptable to many situations: running without a computer or running with no SD card are just a few “modes” that it can operate under. With safety features to prevent useless logging (nothing is being recorded or streamed), you wont be wasting any energy on wasted data. To give an example, if you want to run a session without the computer, just remove the resistor connecting pins 6 and 9 and you may ask “What about the file name for the data?” and that is a good question but the program has you covered, it will simply choose a random number for the name and uses that. (A planned version of the future will also add the ‘.txt’ extension to make sure all data files are easy to access).

What’s in the box?

  • The Arduino sketch
  • A Fritzing diagram of the circuit

Arduino_Datalogger_2.ino (20.6 KB)

What would it take to adapt to a '1284P with SD card and RTC?
(optional screw terminals shown)
Bobuino2 schematic

What would it take to adapt to a '1284P with SD card and RTC?

So, you would like me to make an edition for your Bobuino? I can do that but I have a few questions:

-When you mention the RTC that means you would like a time stamp with the sample or a sample number with each sample?

-Does normal arduino code run on this without any special files or libraries?

-I saw 8 ADC channels on the datasheet, are there 8 analog inputs and do you still want the three sensor control or control over all 8 inputs?

-Are there any special features that you would like?

RTC - I was thinking file timestamps when closed, or for taking periodic samples.

ADC - yes, all 8 channels are free for taking samples.

No special libraries needed - 1284P runs regular Wire.h for I2C and SPI for SDFat.h for the SD card.

Yes, it runs regular Arduino code. Info here on adding the 1284 & similar 40-pin chips to the IDE:

Very easy to add.

Special features? I dunno. I don't have any specific project in mind, too busy with customer projects at the moment.

Ok, I will get started on the A.D.A.P. 'Bobuino Edition'

  • It will use the SD card, unless told otherwise
  • Log up to 8 analog sensors
  • Optional serial connection
  • Similar circuit layout
  • Revamped code structure
  • Compiling on the Bobuino / Skinny Bob board setting

I will be in touch over the duration of this development as I do not feel I can have this done within just a few days.

PM me if you change your mind on something.