Mega 2560 Upload Problems Still Happening?

Hello there,

A friend of mine just got a Mega2560 r3 and it wont upload even the simplest Blink sketch. The "timeout" error comes up.

I have read that this was a problem in the past, but does this still exist today?

Also, would it matter if the Mega board was an older board, ie, could the bootloader be outdated or something?

So far i have no idea what it could be, so any ideas would help here, and hopefully this has been resolved already. Seeing as how some of the posts go back 5 years, i would HOPE that it was resolved, and resolved completely.

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Is the Mega recognized in Windows ? ? ?

Is the Mega recognized in Windows ? ? ?


Sure. This is the problem that had been reported many times, like the problem with the three exclamation points in a string "!!!" causing a timeout.

Everything in the IDE says it is there, and the COM port is there, etc., and of course also present in Device Manager (Windows 7, 64 bit).

Uno and Nano boards were programmed easily, but this one never completed the upload yet. It must have been programmed at least once in the past though (factory or whatever) because it had the Blink program loaded or something similar that blinks the onboard LED on and off at regular intervals like 1 second.

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Hello again,

In addition to the previous post, is there a way to program the Mega2560 with the in circuit programming interface idea like we can do with the Uno and thus bypass the bootloader entirely? It would help if there is a way to do this and the bootloader was old or whatever.

Thanks again.

Hello again,

Little update…

The shipper has issued a refund for the board that did not program.
Since then we got two different boards, one with the square USB to serial chip and one with a non programmable USB to serial chip and they both upload just fine.
So we concluded that in this case it was either the board was bad or the bootloader was bad, but in any case it is the responsibility of the shipper to fix it.

I would stilll like to know how to program a new bootloader into the Mega if that is possible.