Mega 2560 - was working - can no longer install driver??

I have been using a mega 2560 from an old IBM T30 laptop - with no real problems. There were a few problems recently with up loading, so I decided to re-install the 2560 - to see if that would resolve the issues.

Despite using exactly the same method to install the driver (Windows CDC / USB driver) using the .inf on the Arduino website, it refuses to install again. I get the option to pick the 2560, accept the whql warning, but then it stops - with a simple "the installation has detected an error" - " the data is not valid" (!). I have investigated the script, and been through all sorts of checks on registry permissions. To no avail. How on earth do I get to use my 2560 again? (I've checked another machine - no problem- but I want to program from the laptop!!) Anybody seen this kind of error? thanks, Graeme

I eventually found a way round the problem. I'm still not sure why it happened, though I think it's something to do with registry key ownership / permissions on files. I created another Admin user, and found another example of a Windows CDC driver script (nothing to do with Arduino). I modified the script with the PID / VID details for the Mega 2560. The script came from a device with it's own .sys file, so I simply pointed that at usbser.sys from the XP system files. To my delight it went through without any more fuss. 2560 is go again :D A driver this simple, using the windows CDC/USB/Serial components should not be causing grief..

back to coding again :)