MEGA 2560 with SparkFun Color LCD Shield

Does anyone have experience with the MEGA 2560 and the SparkFun Color LCR shield please? 1. I have successful experience with the UNO/SparkFun Color LCD shield. 2. Trying the MEGA 2560/SparkFun Color LCD shield, I learned about the SPI pins on the MEGA 2560. I added jumpers from the correct LCD pins to the MEGA pins for the SPI. The LCD powers up but does not display any information.

Do I need to modify any software? I would think the libararies and compiler would account for this MEGA 2560 SPI?

Any suggestions please?

When the Arduino is an SPI Master the "SS" pin is controlled by software. If the software was written for a non-Mega Arduino it will generally use D10 for the Slave Select signal because that is what the pin is used for when the Arduino is an SPI Slave. Keep the D10/SS pin of the LCD Shield connected to to D10 instead of the Arduino Mega SS pin (D53).

I know, it's confusing.