MEGA 2560


I have connected An internet shield to my MEGA board but when i try to operate the extra pins on the board (14 to 53) they give very low power (a LED gives a very low shine) and i cant operate anything. I have tried to connect the power to 5V 1500mA directly to the board but it did not fix the problem.

Is it an electrical problem or is it a program problem?

When running simple program that turns on and off a LED on pin 40 (the shield is assembled) it works just fine.


Did you remember the set pinMode(pin, OUTPUT)?

Another problem, how much current is the Intelnet shield drawing when operating, and how much current can your power supply push out? You may have run out of power capacity on your power supply. You can try dual-rail (that is, supply power to the shield using a separate power supply

Hi john ,

your Post fixed my problem. :)