mega 2560

i keep getting alot of errors everytime i try and install the software on my 2560 to run my 3d printer. anyhelp?

You don't happen to have anything connected to the RX or TX pins do you?

yes and no. i have tryed it with just the 2560 and with a ramps 1.4 bored connected to it

Have you tried loading a simple Arduino program such as the Blink example?

Have you selected the correct Board and the correct Serial Port in the IDE?

Did you ever, in the past, manage to upload code to that particular Mega?


this is my second mega and the first one i programmed with ease for my first printer then when working on my second printer it would not let me program it. it was throwing up errors. every time i try it gives and errror. have not have one susseful program on this bored. and the borad is proper and the port is properly selected

new error. i dont have anything else running

Try this 1. Load blink and see if led blinks. 2. If blink won't load due to serial port in use, open device manager, watch ports disappear when you unplug the board to confirm the port number is correct. 3. Still trouble? Try a different computer or use powered USB switch. I also have win 7 on a laptop. Somehow it is not supplying enough current on USB ports when on battery. I had to use external power or place the laptop on charger.

where do i get blink?

Do you know how to load example code included in the arduino program? That is where you find a program called blink.

kroetz12: where do i get blink?

In the IDE under the FILE menu. Examples. 01.Basics 3rd one down is Blink

Have you seen the Foundations page?

Or the Tutorial Examples (already IN your IDE) page?

Or the Reference page?

Or any of the other pages that teach basic needed information?

kroetz12: this is my second mega and the first one i programmed with ease for

Can you try uploading a program to your first Mega. If that works and doing the exact same (same PC Port, same USB cable etc) thing fails with the second Mega it strongly suggests that the second one is faulty.