Mega ADK Atmega2560 with USB-Host MAX3421 as a Data Output Source

I got a RobotDyn Mega ADK board with the intention of Building a Datalogger where the primary memory will be an SD Card and the Secondary memory will be through a Flash-Drive (memory Stick) which is expected to be connected to the USB Host Port of the Mega ADK once every week to harvest the data on the SD card.

I have completed the data logging aspect for an SD card using an SD card shield.

For the data harvesting part, I am using the USB Host Shield library Version 2.0 released By Oleg Mazurov. I have successfully compiled and uploaded the testusbHost example file from the USB_Host_Shield library.

Examples abound for every other use of the USB host but NONE for simple writing of a datafile on a Flash Drive.

I will appreciate a sample code that will

  1. allow me to either write data on a Flashdrive
  2. allow me to move datafiles from an SD Card to a Flash Drive.

Ive been on this for more than 2 straight weeks with no solution in sight.

Thanks in Advance

Every help is appreciated (my eyes are blood red from sleep deprivation)