Mega ADK to communicate with Nexus 7 Tablet to save fastboot partition question

I wanted to buy the Mega SDK to basically do one thing for now. Save and restore the Fastboot bootloader which is secure locked. I don';t want to write programs on the nexus 7 to turn on LEDs on the arduino for example. I want to use a terminal on the PC to communicate with the Nexus 7 and save its partitions.

I am assuming this is low level commands not much as far as API or ADK involved here right?

Can I use the MEga ADK to serial terminal commands to communicate with the Nexus 7 and view files/folders/partitions and save and restore?


Are you trying to save files on the Arduino? Realize that there is very little storeage on the board, you will need to use an SD card, so this process will be s-l-o-w.

NO I will use a PC and save the files to the PC or a sdcard as you said.

I want to access the raw system files and partitions of the nvram on the nexus 7 save the files/partition portition of the fastboot loader. All devices in general have some type of bootloader such as modems etc.

No one has been able to figure out how to restore a bricked bootloader on the Nexus 7. At that point the Nexus 7 screen is black nothing no graphics, but you can most liklely still access the nvram via usb using another device such a Bus Pirate or Arduino and save the file structure from the N7 back to the PC or sdcard, prior to bricking the device.

Is the MEga overkill for this or will it even work with the Mega or any of the arduuino prodocts? In other words would a simple uno board, Bus Pirate or simple a Serial TTL/USB board do the job?

I would hate to buy the Mega ADK to find out this is impossible to do. I know the Mega ADK was meant to use as an API layer with IDE type software.

I am talking about taking it to a root level/terminal command driven way.

I hope someone can answer this for me. I am ready to order the product soon.