Mega ADK - What low cost Android Tablet to use?

Hi - I am looking at using a low cost Android tablet (i.e. target cost circa £100) as an interfacewith my Mega ADK such as a Scroll Excel or similar. Has anyone a suggestion for a tablet which is known to support the Mega ADK? The only ones I can currently see on the forums are more expensive such as Galaxy

target cost circa £100

You might find this helpful

On the other hand you could spend half your target cost on a proper windows laptop and have your Arduino work straight away, without having to worry about things like this.

recommending windows as a solution for something on an open source board? That's a bold move ;). Plus, I think he wants to use it as a control interface to the arduino and take advantage of the ADK features, not just for programming. An android tablet is going to be far better for that task. Otherwise he'd have to virtualize android on top of windows... that's just asking for trouble. I think he's better off just sticking with his original plan.

timdelta: if you're looking for a truly inexpensive android tablet for this purpose, start in the used market. You'll want to find one that has both "USB Accessory Mode" and "USB Host Mode" support. Most tablets will have both, but the cheaper ones may only have the first or may in fact have neither. The Xoom is a great tablet and can usually be had used for around your target price... but avoid that one for this purpose. There are known issues with their USB implementation and you may not want to work through those your first time out.