mega ADK + WiFly-Shield => plugs off and on and off and on etc.....

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m trying to use an WiFly-shield from Sparkfun with my mega ADK. It worked 'till yesterday, but from one moment to another the board always plugs on and off and on, etc. (also in the device-manager).

I’m using Windows 7 x64, but i got the same problem on x86.

As long as I remove the shield everything works normally. As long as the shield isn’t removed, but i remove some of the SPI-Pins (which i connected per cable, 'couse of the special layout-difference between the shield and the mega ADK) everything works normally.

I already tried to re-install the FTDI-driver, i also tried to switch to another computer-system, nothing helps. I also think the FTDI-driver isn’t the problem, becouse without the shield or the SPI connected it’s all fine. Seems like it’s a hardware-board-problem, but i don’t know why :S

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile: