Mega and sensor shield


I’m building a project where I need to use a mega 2560 with a sensor shield.
How can I connect on it a tft screen ?
Of course I could connect individually each pin 22 to 29 for data and other control pins. But its dirty. And wires don’t stay in place.
Do you know an existing shield I could insert between the sensor shield for mega and the tft ?

It looks like you have a 3.3V 2.0" display. So you need about 13 level converters just for your TFT.

Depending on the Sensors that you are using, you might need level converters for some of these too.

I suggest that you buy a Protoshield. Solder a header socket to receive your 3.3V display. Solder all your level conversion circuitry.

Solder header pins / sockets to receive your Sensors. Solder connecting wires from the Arduino header pins to your new custom circuitry.

Plug everything together and away you go.