MEGA BREAD - Hank the Hexapod

MEGA BREAD - Hank the Hexapod
Updated 5-12-2017

Say hello to Hank,

He has 18 of the Mini 9g servos to run his 6 legs,
all of them are 360 Deg rotation
There will be a 2100 Mh Lithium Polymer power source,
And an Arduino MEGA 2560 for a brain.

There will be 2 range sensors, one pointing down at the front,
and one facing forward on another 2 servos.

Communication with the command center will be done with these controllers

Soon to come additions are 2 arms with claw like thingies on the end.

Wish us luck in this adventure...


We are currently building the "MEGA BREAD - Hank The HexaPod"
It was conceived by myself and my son, He is going to be taking robotics classes in the 11th grade, like next year. He made Honor Roll this year, and I want to see what this kid can do.

The Plan is for a sequence of items to happen. Starting with input from the Pilot/Navigator as to GPS location destination, then airlift the HexaPod, drop off at said location, target acquisition/termination, and recovery by the same Quadcopter operations project.

The Hexapod and the Quadcopter are planned to include CAMERAS CAMERAS CAMERAS, bluetooth Link, RF link, GPS navigation, Sonic distance sensors, Pressure switches in both the HexaPod feet and the Quad underbelly.
We also have created a red dot laser device from some cheap dollar store handheld lasers, these will be used as homing, targeting, and distance information gathering.
Oh yea and a 6 way Gyro in each of em.
Firepower will be mounted on a 3 servo turret W/camera, It will hold a modified AirSoft Automatic feeder/firing device rated for 1,500 rounds per minute @ 750 FPS, that part makes me giggle with joy.

The thinking,
Step 1) Have a BAD A$$ Quad Copter (We have this part owned, but not yet touched) swoop in, drop off the hexabot
Step 2) gain altitude and hover
Step 3) The HexaPod will proceed to targeted area, spotted by the laser on the Quadcopter as a homing beacon
Step 4) All hell breaks loose as the target is literally pummeled by a 18" BY 18" HexaPod
Step 5) The HexaPod will signal the Quad Via RF signal that mission is completed
Step 6) Point it's laser at the Hovering Quadcopter for acquisition
Step 5) Swoop back in, recover the Bot, and Proceed to next target, or return to sender.

Wow, until i just added it all up, we still have a ways to go. But it shall be done.