mega car controller with tft touchscreen

heres a project ive been working on a while
a car controller that so far has connections for 4 relay channels, 4 pwm channels, 3 temp sensors, a 2.8 in tft touchscreen, 2gb accessablew sd for datalog, voltage and current sensor, nrf24l01(future)

i have a shield in the making for easy connections on the inside as well as wireless for idk what yet, not coded for
i have a dedicated atmega328 on the shield to do some realtime led channels beating to the music from a msgeq7, so three led channels for lows, mids and highs

more pic

more pic, lemme know what you guys think


Very cool. Sure beats the standard mono LCD's usually used with Arduino's.. What screen is that? Where can I get more details on using it?

A 2.8 in tft breakout by adafruit, using their library Has commands like tft.drawLine tft.print tft.setCursor tft.drawRect tft,background tft.fillRect tft.drawCircle Tft.fillCircle tft.setTextSize. 3 options tft.setTextColor. any option, uses 5bit per color And more

Its pretty easy to use also a touch screen library that after you map it to the screen size works perfect giving you an accurate x,y,z(pressure)

The only thing I would say negative about it is like all resistive touchscreen it doesn't really work well with a blunt object or finger, needs a point or fingernail

Its decently fast for small draws, clearing the screen and redrawing everything isn't practical, better to draw a small rect to cover what needs to be refreshed and do so only when its neccesary also the touchscreen is faster than it can draw a menu, so some delays are needed to be useful without flying thru menus cost like 40$ I think, uses 20 pins, which is why I used a mega so I can still do alot else adafruit has a whole tutorial page so its quite easy to learn