mega+cmos camera+sim900 gsm module

am working on a project that uses atmega 2650. the project is to capture image from serial cmos camera and send it the mega flash memory, get the picture as mms through sim900 gsm/gprs module to a smartphone. i nd help on the codes

i nd help on the codes

Here's a starter:

void setup()

void loop()

You just need to fill in a few pieces.

Sorry I think this project is impossible with an arduino.

Not enough memory, not enough speed, you can't write to the Mega's flash memory from a program.

am working on a project that will detect the presence in an intruder,snap the person using cmos camera,save the image into mega2560's 256k flash memory and send the picture as mms to a smartphone.
please i need help on the codes.

I suspect this time around the answers are not going to be much different...

how i achieve this project. i want to interface a ttl camera module and sim900 module to an ardunio board. capture image save it in SDcard send it as mms to smartphone through the sim900 module

how can i use arduino board capture an image from a cmos camera,send it as mms to a smartphone using sim900

That would depend on which cmos camera you had, for a start.

Some useful links

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hello house, i want to use uno to contorl a cmos camera, my aim is to capture an image and save into the Ram of Uno. i need to know if it is possible and how to do it

Try here

How big an image are you planning to capture? In bytes.

I am planning the same thing, but will utilize the SD card memory option.
Though I may also try using a webcam, and try interfacing it.

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