Mega ethernet shield to HCC

Hi any comment to this sch??

Sorry i dont know hov to upload pic and files to this board.

I have a eagle lib, with the Aruino Mega, ethernet and Duemilanove layout and a lot of other stof in it.

When i know that the layout of the boards i right, i vil place it to download.

Any comment??

You might want to explain a bit more what you’re trying to do. For starters, what is HCC?


Hi i can try. HCC = Home control center.

Its a shield, with eeprom, RTC and some One Wire I/O plus some other pins to do I/O on, each of the ethernet connections also have a Intterrupt to the processor.

On the shield you can put a Arduino Ethernet shield on and your Arduino Mega also.

Hope that was a littel more information.