Mega - help to find an NDT2955 analogue?

Hello guys,

please help to find an analogue for T1 in Mega.

I am noob in electronics, so please correct me if i am wrong.

I need an:
60V, or more than 5V;
2A, or more than 0.5A;
anything else?

Tnahk you.

Can i replace it with:

  • IRFL9110 P-channel (Vds=–100V, Id=–1.1A@T=25C, Id=–0.69A@T=100C , Rds=1.2R , P=3.1W, -55 to +150C)
  • IRLL014PBF P-channel(Vds=60V, Id=2.7A@T=25C, Rds=0.2Ohm, T=-55 to +150C)
  • IRLL110TR P-channel(Vds=100V, Id=1.50A@T=25C, Id=0.93A@T=100C, Rds=0.54 Ohm, P=2W, -55 to +150C)
  • NDT452AP P-channel (Vds=30V, Id=5A, P=3W , Rds=0.065R)
  • SFM9014TF P-channel (Vds=60V, Id=1.8A@T=25C, Id=1.1A@T=70C, Rds<0.5 Ohm (0.36 Ohm typ), P=2.8W, -55 to +150C)
    (all are in SOT-223 case and i can get it quickly)

Will try SFM9014TF...

I think your lack of replies is due to the confusion with the word analogue. This is not the right word. You want a replacement or an equivalent part.

Will try SFM9014TF...

I don't think it will work. Don't confuse the gate threshold voltage with the gate voltage required to turn it fully on. This FET will only just start to turn on at between 2 and 4 volts and won't be fully on until you have 10V on the gate.
Look for an FET that says it is a logic level FET or quotes an Ron at 5V.

As i can see in datasheets, Gate-Source Threshold Voltage is same for all listed above FETs (1...2V) except SFM9014TF (2...4V).

So can i use IRLL110?

It have next parameters:

Vds (V) - 100
Rds(on) ([ch937]) (Vgs = 5.0 V) - 0.54

Vds - 100
Vgs - ± 10 ([b]will it be fully open at 10V also :(?[/b])
Vgs(th) - 1(min)...2(max)
Rds(on) (Vgs = 5.0 V) - 0.54


Thank you.
And excuses for my english :slight_smile:

Yes that looks better, in fact it is a bit overkill for what you want.

will it be fully open at 10V also

Yes - actually it will be fully closed like a switch.

And excuses for my english

No problems I think we got there in the end.

Soldered IRLL110TR...
With it board does work from external 5V only
USB power does not work :frowning:

Does work with SFM9014TF!