Mega HTML Frames


I’m hoping that this rings a bell with someone.

I’m trying to use HTML frames within the Arduino Mega to create a webpage for display on my PC.

I’ve managed to get the Arduino to generate the required overall webpage with the required empty frames as yet unpopulated. Each frame requires its own ‘file’ to load information into the frame and this is where the problem starts.

In HTML, a file is nominated within the code to load a frame with the required data. I’ve yet to find a way of doing this within the Arduino in order to pass information to the frame. I can nominate a file for inclusion using the #include instruction, but the frame still remains unpopulated. Maybe, I can include the code within the main body(pde) file somehow to avoid separate files…?


Maybe, I can include the code within the main body(pde) file somehow to avoid separate files....?

Yes I think that is your only option. Or give the file name and have the server (your arduino) send a block of data on a request for that file name.

What is this, 1998 (or thereabouts)?

Have you thought about using a frameless design? I don't know of any web developer who uses frames in today's world; there's a reason why they went out of "fashion" in the web development world.

Instead, I would simulate the frames needed in a single page using DHTML, plenty of DIVs, and lots of inline CSS goodness. It will be simpler, cleaner, and more likely to pass W3C checks...


1998?? I'm not that up to date !!! 8-)

I'm learning HTML and C at the same time, so I'm on a bit of a learning curve. I've not used the Arduino before, so it's all good fun!

Thanks for the comments though, as I'd not considered not bothering with frames. They seemed to fit the bill as regards areas of the page being 'swapped out' with alternative information dependant upon a selection elsewhere on the page. Maybe it would be simpler to use a table instead - it's only a very simple webpage and won't actually be on the Web as such.

I'm finding that I tend to need an example of some code in order to absorb the syntax etc and then apply it to my application. This methodology has got me this far, but I admit, I'm begining to stumble a bit.

I tried to generate the required file (PDE file) and the Arduino code appears to call for it - but the contents of the file still don't appear within the designated frame. Maybe it isn't being called after all!

Thanks again for all your help!