Mega + MicroSD Shield + WIZNet Ethernet Build

Hiya folks.

I'm brand new to all this, so please be gentle. Actually I'm a software developer in another language.

Just bought the parts mentioned in the subject. The vertical jumpers to put the SD Shield don't connect too well, so when I build it, the power button doesn't light. It lights up if I force the connection. The problem is that the shield is interrupted by the USB port lower below won't allow the shield to sit flush.

Question 1: Any idea how I get this to connect solid?

Question 2: Once that is built and solid, how do I install the Ethernet shield? Looks like it plugs into the proto board on the SD shield, but I have no clue how to set it up.

Is there a reference as to how to put hardware together?


OK, after some research, it turns out I had the wrong SD shield for it. I had to order it from Europe. Done.

Ethernet…I’m not sure what to use with the Mega for Ethernet.

The problem is that the shield is interrupted by the USB port lower below won't allow the shield to sit flush.

I have a similar problem with the DB-9s on my Arduinos. In my case, it's barely a millimeter (if that) short of "flush", so I'm still getting solid connections.

Since we're not dealing with 100MHz+ bus connections here, you can get away with cheats like using the "stackable" header connectors (available from most other Arduino vendors, too) as extenders (or just building shields with them in the first place to give you longer pins).

As you may have already discovered, the Mega has different pin assignments for SPI, so shields for SPI peripherals won't work with it (I'm not familiar with what does work for SPI on the Mega, though: I'm just passing along a warning I've seen others post).

Another warning: there's a problem with the SPI implementation on some/all of the Wiznet-based Ethernet shields. The MISO line doesn't get tri-stated when the Wiznet chip is not selected, so other SPI peripherals can't communicate. This might only be a problem with the Adafruit board I have, but you should check into it before trying to combine Ethernet and an SD card.

Hi there. Thanks for the reply.

I've already ordered a memory shield from Europe which also runs on 5V instead of 3.3. Apparently this shield needs lower voltage.

In any case, I have stackable headers at the moment, like the left side of the picture you provided. The pins are indeed long, so they don't quite flush down, and the edge of the shield keeps it from going flush anyway.

It seems the MEGA is too new to have really any dedicated items for it, other than proto boards. I still can't find an Ethernet solution other than to actually break out my own, which seems lacking on-board drivers, etc. Again, I'm new at this, so I would rather spend $20 on a tight little unit that just works. I'm more into the software than the hardware.

Any ideas?