MEGA Sensor Shield - Does this problems still apply?

Hello i am about to buy the mega + mega shield from alienexpress! This is the item:

But in a older topic i noticed that there had been some problems with this shield before! in this post:

These 2 problems:

However, at least on my board, between signal 35 and 36 on the V (5 Volt) row, there is NO CONNECTION. This means that the logic of having 5V on the middle pin is lost for signal pins 36 - 45 and the middle V pin will float.

The solution is simple, I took a teeny piece of wire and soldered it on the bottom of the board between pins 35 and 36 on the V row. Ta-dah.

Second, big, problem (that is well documented on the internet) is the 'USB Connector Shield shorts-out with one pin of the 2 pin PWR_SEL jumper. Ouch and dangerous. The first time I plugged the board in I got no LED and wondered what was happening. I was holding the board and felt intense heat. It was shorting the power supply completely.

Has anyone bought from this guy before? Is the shield i am about to buy the one with the problems? I really want this shield with the mega and the pack with sensors is perfect for me but i want one that works 100%