Mega vs Polou vs ServoRotor

I've designed a hexapod with 19 servos and it needs some brains. I'm looking at Mega, Pololu, and ServoRotor boards. The research shows all will do the job. Since my programming experience is at the advanced novice state, I'm wanting something that will not be too much of a headache. So with that in mind, the Mega is low on the list for programming but tops for cost. ServoRotor is the same for programming but about double for cost. Pololu is number one for programs because of it's GUI but about 3X the cost of a Mega. One disadvantage is that it's language is slightly different from the Arduino IDE. I have an ultrasonic range finder that I want to use and writing the script for that would be a challenge. I have an UNO that I thought I could use for the sensor and feed the output to the Pololu but that's more parts.

Anyway, advice, suggestions, comments would be much appreciated.

Managing 19 servos puts a lot of load on a microprocessor just managing the signals to keep the servos steady. You should offload that task onto something like two TLC5940 chips; see How many servos you need to control? - Tutorials - RobotShop Community. That would allow you to use an inexpensive controller like an Uno.

Thanks Chagrin,
I checked the link and looked over the info on the chip and I don't think I want to tackle the programming. If I was more experienced, I might, but there's alot of info I don't understand. As of now I'm strongly considering the Mega.

Best regards.