Mega WiFi 14 pressure sensors

Hi everyone

Trying do air pressure sensor system On boom sprayer for my boss, has 4 airlines I need to monitor Not sure if I got all parts I need or right parts to work together and how to link 2 arduino together for remote displaying

Description Qty nrf24l01+ sma wireless module 2 5V DC G1/4 Pressure Transducer Sensor 0-0.8MPa 14 0.5v-4.5v one wire mega mainboard 2 Air hose nylon 100m 1 "5pcs 1/4"" Female 8m air push fitting" 3 breadboard 5x7cm solder 2 1mm solder 200g 1 Junction box 200x120x75mm 3 30m 2core 3mm power cable 0.5 4pin connector mount 2 Waterproof 12/24V to 5v 3A Step-Down Converter 2 Led lights 14 Screen 20x04

Cheers hope can help me out, need to get it right over $500 parts todo project, I done work with uno ultrasonic sensors before

If you buy a complete set of parts and ship them to me, I'll work on it for you. I will also charge you for my time. We can negotiate a rate privately.

It looks like you know enough about it anyway - you picked out that list of parts. What specific problems are you having?

Haha thanks for offer :)

I should have no problem with sensors But not sure about wifi side Q1: wifi module + 14 sensors on mega board I/O should fit?

Q2: wifi link between boards and remote displaying data


Anyone can answer my 2 question

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.