Mega with Roboclaw Motor Drivers and Encoders

Hi guys, new to the forum and looking for some advice on this project I'm working on. I'm using a Roboclaw 2x5a motor controller with my Mega to control some Pololu metal gear motors with 64 CPR encoders. I've got the motors moving consistently with just speed and timers but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to use the encoders. Has anyone had any experience with these controllers/encoders? All I really need to be able to do is send a set number of rotations to the individual motors. Any advice would be welcome.

I have no experience with these.... not sure what exactly because there was no link to a data sheet. please post a link.

are you getting values from the encoders ?

it will be a square wave, one pin will go on/off to count.
you can look at one pin, watch it flip/flop, expect that one pin is half, therefor 32 crp per pin.

how far have you gotten ?