Mega writing to USB

I’m new to Arduino Mega 2560 and unfortunately have a senior project that requires me to write a text file and save it to a USB. Is it possible?

Why not save it to an SD card?

It’s a senior project and the computer they use doesn’t have a SD slot. Yes I know they make converters; I was just trying to make it look clean.

What do you mean by "save it to a USB"?

Please explain exactly what you're trying to accomplish.

I think he’s saying he wants to save and record data to a usb flash drive. But I don’t think there are any USB shields that can do this yet. Someone needs to write a library for USB. So I guess you’ll have to use an micro Sd card to USB converter. They are ONLY $4 :slight_smile:

Ok so yes they do have a file for the usb shields. It took some good searching. It’s called usbfat. It works with some unexplained conditions. For me at home it works with comm 5 and nothing else. At school computer use comm 5 is not a option and doesn’t work. Any explanations?