mega2560 -> android/TCP port -> 3G


I am looking for any king of Android software which would enable me in encapsulating serial traffic from Arduino device into the TCP/IP stream.

Then, on my laptop I would simply connect to a virtual serial port (VSP from Etherlogic), which would bind the traffic to an IP address/TCP port of my Android device.

Basically, I am willing to replace GPRS shield with an Android phone.


This seems to depend on the software running on your Arduino and the Software on your PC (god knows why since all this needs is a simple ser2net app).

I have tried the following: MavLinkHub - Doesn't work at all for me. I think this only works with OpenPilot. MAVCell Beta - Almost works just freezes up at the end of sync for me (may work for you). TCP_SerPort - Works successfully but very crude app and uses alot of CPU displaying the stream (no way to turn off).

Im using a Devo-M which is a Arduino Mega 2560 clone running a version of Arducopter and MissionPlanner on the PC.

Devo-M ---> TTL RS232 -> FTDI USB --> OTG cable --> Xperia Go --> TCP_SerPort --> Wifi/3G --> PC --> MissionPlanner


I'll definitely give it a try

for the moment I came-up with a more radical solution - spent 36 USD on a very special kind of router - Mikrotik SXT 5hND. With a single click it allows to encapsulate serial data onto the TCP/IP port. It also supports all known versions of tunneling protocols and has built-in drivers of most of 3G modems or GSM phones. Oh and, on top of that I've got 802.11n 2+2 MIMO. Having attached USB HUB to it I can have multiple 3G devices as frontends for multiple Mega 2560s. No GSM shields, fully Transparent setup (USB port used, no GSM code in Arduino firmware necessary).