Mega2560 Arduino bootloading

Hi Everyone,

I am new to arduino and I really need the help .

i have design the custom Hardware referring arduino schematic.

I have tried to burn it through PROGISP and using the bootloader (optiboot_atmega1284p.hex), i have written the code for blinking status led for 1 sec.Using fuse setting LOW VALUE-C2, HIGH VALUE-D9 and EXTENDED-FF but its taking 2 seconds for turning on and off.

I have attached the images of schematic and progisp settings.Im using 16Mhz oscillator.

Would anyone please give advice for this matter? What fuse and lockbit setting

The easiest way to install an optiboot bootloader on your ATmega2560 is:

  • Install MegaCore in the Arduino IDE:
  • Tools > Board > ATmega2560
  • Tools > Programmer > select your ISP programmer
  • Connect the ISP programmer to the ATmega2560
  • Connect the ISP programmer to the computer
  • Tools > Burn Bootloader

That will set the fuses correctly and flash the bootloader to the ATmega2560.
That's not to say it's the only way but easy is nice sometimes!

Regarding fuse settings, I find this to be helpful: