Mega2560 bootloader with SD support

Hi Forum,

I am looking for a boot loader that will support updating the sketch from an attached SD Card (on the "default" SPI interface)

I found a bootloader called 2boot, but this doesn't seem to work for the Mega. Most things I find is for the smaller chips :frowning:

I also found one called "avr_boot" which solves 90% of the problem, it always booting from a SD image.

Here is what I would like:

  1. Bootloader (or sketch, later on) will check for a new version of the sketch
  2. Update if needed
  3. Boot sketch

if the sketch is to do the update, things will become very tricky I can imaging but I am sure its something I can figure out.

So I believe that avr_boot can help me, since it boots directly from SD, but I would really prefer to use the internal flash and all of that :slight_smile:

Also, avr_boot is from Dec 2014 - I am a bit worried that it's stalled.