Mega2560 + Ethernet


I just bought Arduino Mega 2560 and Ethernet Shield. I installed IDE 0021 and I'm trying to use some example code for ethernet shield.

After compilation and uploading WebServer I can ping Arduino and it's responding, but when I'm trying to get to port 80 (by browser or telnet) I'm getting timeout.

When I'm trying to use ChatServer example there is no response for ping...

What's the problem?

Network configuration is correct (ping response in WebServer), running this server on another ports make no difference.

Now I'm able to telnet to webserver and get response, but after few tries it hangs and I'm getting timeout. Any ideas how to fix it?

Try this: Wolrks like a charm! :)

I installed webduino in scratchbook libraries folder. When I'm trying to use Web_HelloWorld I'm getting message:

In file included from /home/pbm/Pobieranie/arduino-0021/libraries/Ethernet/Client.cpp:1:
/home/pbm/Pobieranie/arduino-0021/libraries/Ethernet/utility/w5100.h:14:17: error: SPI.h: No such file or directory

After adding #include "SPI.h" to example compilation and uploading goes ok, but there are no ping responses.. ;(

I think you need to modify the ethernet shield to work with the mega. Try the search function, there should be multiple examples on how to do so. :)

This is new ethernet shield and it is marked as compatible with Mega...

pbm: how is your network configured? That is, what is the ethernet shield plugged into, what IP address does it have, what IP does your computer have, etc?

Arduino: PC:

Netmask: Gateway: (there is no difference if I set mask and gw on Arduino)

PC and Arduino are connected thru the router.

But I don't think that may be caused by wrong network configuration - on the same settings I get ping response from WebServer and no response from ChatServer. After resetting Arduino I can telnet to port 80 (WebServer) - but only for few first times, after that I'm getting timeouts.

Hmm, the WebServer example works well for me on a Mega 2560, with the board connected straight to my Macbook (and my Ethernet manually configured for an IP of and netmask of What if you telnet to your board and then press return a couple of times? It should send back the page to you.