MEGA2560 feature feasibility - RS232 for communication and sketch upload

I have a RS232 only requirement with a project and I would like to be able to talk to my project while retaining the ability to upload sketches. Same cable, same plug.

If I understand the MEGA2560 as it is currently, the 32u2 handles that from a USB point of view. I have no problem adding another chip to my project, is there something already created that accomplishes this?

Thanks Michael Pless

You mean like an RS232 adapter? connect to another serial port on the mega (Serial1, Serial2, Serial3)

Im using a MAX3232 to connect the serial-0 to the mega2650 chip, I can talk to my project like this but I cannot update the sketch.

Any ideas?

You have a bootloader installed? You are resetting the chip to start the bootlaoder up to look for an incoming data message to start the download?

ok now were getting somewhere! I do have the factory boot loader installed. Is there a way to reset the mega with out the DTS pin on the serial port? I have access to TX,RX,GND,CTS, and RTS.

If that is NOT possible I can place a dual UART mega chip to intercept and when an upload is detected to initiate the reset. Has someone already done something like this?


Is there a way to reset the mega with out the DTS pin on the serial port?

Reach over and press the reset button?

In case anyone reads this thread and wonder what the result was...

My enclosure is locked and I am not able to modify or manually hit the reset button. I ended up adding a relay that could be switched externally that enabled the DTS pin to be connected to reset. With the switch off I could connect and disconnect from the Mega chip and it would not reset me. With the switch on I could do a sketch update and the auto reset would be working properly.