MEGA2560 / MEGA ADK Mounting Plate now in Acrylic

I failed in my attempts to find a mounting plate for the Mega2560 or Mega ADK so I decided to make my own. This one is similar to the UNO starter kit mounting plate but bigger, however you could use an UNO on it as well.
I have access to a laser cutter.I have put the item on Ebay so anybody interested can buy one I have only made ten but I could make more if people would like them.

I have now made an acrylic base for a half size breadboard that will take a UNO or a Mega

The acrylic one looks like this.

Here is the ebay link.

And the wooden one

Here is the eBay link.

I think this introduces a useful product to the Arduino world at a low cost.

I would be really grateful to get some feedback as it is easy to modify the design and provide what is required.

Now in Acrylic

Both large and small available in acrylic.

Does any body want a mini plywood (or acrylic) base plate ie the same size as the uno based starter kit