MEGA2560 Not Shown In Device Manager

So I have two identical MEGA2560s.. one functions perfectly however the second will not connect to the same computer. USB powers the board (The 'ON' LED lights and the 'L' LED blinks twice upon plugging in the cable) Yet nothing shows up in the Device Manager under Ports, USB, or even as an Unknown Device. I suspect there is a problem with the MEGA8u2 chip on the bad controller but cannot be sure. My question is this: Is the board now bricked, or can I upload code to it by another means (i.e. Parallel Port, using the good controller to flash the bad one, etc.)? Ive searched the forums and Google but have been unable to find anyone with my specific issue so any insight would be appreciated!

You could be right. I'd suggest trying to upload a known working sketch (perhaps the ubiquitous "blink") to it via the parallel port. If that succedes then get yourself another ATmega8u2 chip and swap it out.

that's what i thought.. sigh now i guess i have a cable to make...

Parallel port?