Mega2560 programming using Xbee

Tried to find this through searching but no avail. I have a Mega and the Explorer Regulated Xbee board running a series 1 xbee. The other is a series 1 on a usb board. Both config fine and can talk wirelessly. the problem is I can't get the Mega to program via the Xbee. I connect it to Serial0 at 115200 baud. Other side is on com6, 115200 baud, usual settings. They can talk just fine but when I hit the program button on the laptop, the xmit and rec lights go green but nothing else happens. They appear to time out and retry repeatedly but never program. I've read some things about needing to trigger a reset but I haven't been able to do so with any pin on the explorer. Is there a way to make this work?

I found a decent guide here: Xbee Adapter - wireless Arduino programming

Might be worth a look? Hopefully it solves your problem.

thanks I have read this one. I was a little confused though when it mentioned the d 3 pin. on the xbee explorer regulated I have a dio 3 and a separate reset and I'm not sure which to use.

I believe, dio3.
(the reset pin is only for resetting the local xbee.)

It would be the DIO3 pin, but you have to bridge it to the RTS pin. You can set the settings in the com port options in windows so that the RTS pin will close when you start transmitting, making the board reset, ready for programming.

Follow that guide slowly and carefully, I've had a proper read through it now and it looks pretty comprehensive to me :slight_smile: All the electronics to get it going are there for sure.

It would be pin 16 and 17 on this example board This board has the same pin layout even though it's a bluetooth board)..