Mega2560 PWM Freq question

Hello All,

I am trying to achieve a max freq of approx 614hz and vary that via duty cycle from 0-60%. can this be accomplished by changing the prescaler alone to set the max freq?



Why it is almost that frequency already Arduino Pins 5 and 6: 1kHz Arduino Pins 9, 10, 11, and 3: 500Hz

and vary that via duty cycle from 0-60%.

You do not vary the frequency with PWM only the duty cycle.

Thanks for the quick answer Grumpy Mike. I thought there was already a freq which was close but lost most of what was on my laptop due to hd crash and couldnt seem to find a quick answer anywhere else for the mega board.

The reason for the specific freq is due to the operation of a particular linear solenoid I am using in a particular application. As the OEM designed the system, the solenoid operates at a freq of 614hz. I can find not literature as to exactly why it is that hz but I'm sure there is a reason. I will try running it with the 500hz signal as it should work.