Mega2560 read FLASH and EEPROM via ISP


I have Arduino Mega2560 board. It works correctly with Arduino IDE. Loaded sketches work as expected.

I have also Atmel USB ISP programmer and PROGISP software. This programmer works correctly with other Atmel microcontrollers. It is possible to read and write programs from AtmelStudio.

As I’m worrying about loosing bootloader in Mega2560 chip, I tryied to upload FLASH, EEPROM and save it to files on PC.

To confirm that I’ve read FLASH and EEPROM correctly, another sketch was loaded via Arduino IDE.
This time, uploaded contents of FLASH and EEPROM are identical as proviously.

Reading is not locked, board works fine.

LowValue FF
HighValue D8
ExtValue FD
Lock Value FF
Calibration A9

What am I doing wrong? Is reading somehow disabled?

In attached file are FLASH, EEPROM (16.5 KB)