MegaMoto and Ethernet Shields

Hey all, We are stacking a RobotPower MegaMoto shield and an Arduino 5.0 Ethernet Shield.

For the MegaMoto shield, we have the following pins set up. Enable: 5V Sensor A/B: Jumped A2+A3 (H-Bridge Mode) Current Sense: A0 Bridged PWMA: D6 PWMB: D5

We are having a hard time figuring out if we are having a pin conflict.

Is there a way to make these two shields stack??

Which card is not working? How do you have them stacked? The ethernet shield must be connected directly to the Arduino because of the ICSP connector.

thanks. we put the ethernet shield on first (to connect the ICSP) then we put on the moto shield, and it does not function. we also tried to bend out pins A0 and A1, but we are getting a "too much power draw" when connected to a macbook air. will 2 shields stacked pull down more power than a laptop usb can handle?? I think there is also to a pin conflict issue, but cant figure which one