Megaservo And Digital I/O Pins

Any reason Digital I/O Pins 14-20 (Decimila) would not work for servos with the megaservo library? I'm using megaservo now and it works great but I am thinking of using a shield which needs 2-5 and 10-13 leaving only 6-9 for servos and I'd like to run 8 servos total. Anyone tried this?

I can't think of any reason why it won't work, did you try it on pins 14-19? (the standard arduino board does not have digital pin 20)


I was going to try it but just thought I'd ask if anyone had issues before digging into it further. I am running a Decimila clone (ATmega168 SMD) that has two extra Digital I/O Pins.

DigitalWrite on pin20 will only work if you are using modified core software that supports that pin, the standard Arduino software won't work.