Megunolink Project - how to convert to Arduino IDE I have .cpp and .h files

I have the following files from Megunolink Garage Door Opener Project:

I am seeking help in converting the files to an Arduino IDE environment. People have asked for it, Megunolink says they're too busy and I do not have the skills yet to know what I am doing. I truly desire to learn how to do this, but I am not sure if I am on the right track. When I place the .cpp and .h files in folder and add those files to an Arduino sketch, I then compile and get several errors? Do I just hack away at those errors, or is there an easier way to accomplish this? I know there are supposed to be void setup() and void loop() functions, and sometimes they are missing. However, whenever I try compiling say the PasswordManager.cpp I receive errors stating EEPROM variable not declared. I am having trouble tracking that down. There are many more.

I am using Macintosh Arduino IDE 1.0.5 And Hope

Program.cpp AccessControl.cpp AccessControl.h CommandProcessing.cpp CommandProcessing.h PasswordManager.cpp PasswordManager.h

Among others. The full program is located @

I am perfectly happy to post the code here, but there is a lot of code to post. I thought it might be best to post the link to the GitHub project instead. As this is my first post, I am prepared to take a beating for doing this the wrong way, so please guide me.

In IDE Sketch menu use "Add File.." to incorporate your .cpp / .h files into IDE project, Arduino IDE actually lets you combine .cpp and .h files, but since you got them in "normal" separate form it will not be much use for you.

Beats cut and paste, but you still need to take care of all your libraries ,as you already found out.

We saw your plea & have updated the program in GitHub to build in the Arduino IDE. The GarageDoorOpener.ino file is the main program as far as the IDE is concerned, but it just contains a couple of includes. The real core is in Program.cpp. I've left it this way so it works for Visual Studio users as well. The IDE will open a lot of files, but hopefully it will build ok. Let us know if you run into any trouble.

Sorry it took so long, have been busy creating a library to use with MegunoLink Pro ( to make it easier to send data for plotting and to the interface panel.