Melexis 90217 Hall-Effect sensor Help

hi all,

I am very new to arduino and micro controllers and am currently trying to construct a simple magnetic field sensing circuit that illuminates and LED when a magnet is near the sensor. Any ideas on how I would be able to go about doing this ?

Thanks in advance :)

Honestly I’m not even sure how to go about coding this… From what I understand the sensor switches into an on position when it reaches a threshold voltage and an off position when it reaches below that threshold. Correct me if I’m wrong but that would entail using a combination of assigning the correct pin of the sensor as an output and then reading that output using digitalRead?

Google "arduino hall sensor" for more examples.

Thanks for the reply! I guess at this point i just want a simple circuit consisting of an led and hall effect sensor to light up when a magnet is held near the sensor. From what i understand the three pins of the sensor correspond to voltage source, outpout, and ground. How would I construct a simple circuit consisting of an led and the melexis hall effect sensor with any necessary resistors to do this? my knowledge of arduino and solder less breadboards is limited.. Thanks