Melexis Infra Red Thermometer board question

Hello everyone, I ask for help on the forum for a Melexis MLX90614 sensor bought during a fit of madness on eBay. I would like to build a sonar with the HC-SR04 by adding also the infrared temperature sensor so, that in addition to the depth, is able to recognize human body heat.

To be honest I had ordered the version with 10° Field of View (MLX90614ESF), but the seller has decided to send me a set of 4, all different from each other, probably to stimulate me in the learning of electronics.

I ask an help for this sensor:

The strange thing is not marked anywhere vcc gnd or another and there are only 3 pins ... the only difference between them is one has a track square, one round and the last round but with the some signs around.

I can use this sensor with Arduino?
How i can recognize what is vcc, gnd, analog or digital pins?
How would you do in this case?

Thanks in advance, Erik

I would ask the seller what that is and how to use it. It could be a MLX906* sensor (but there are fakes).

The genuine sensors do have a PWM output option, in which case only three terminals are required. See the data sheet for how that works.

On PCBs, square vias usually denote Pin1 of a connector. Looking at the photo of the PCB, the round via furthest away from Pin1 appears to be ground, and Pin1 is probably Vcc.

Thanks Jremington for quick response!

I had already found this but I cannot find my version of this sensor. As you say, it could be a fake or something like that.

These are the other sensors that I found in the "kit".

Thanks again Erik

Without input from the seller, you could try assuming pin1 = Vcc, pin2 = PWM out and pin3 = ground and see what happens.

The data sheet in the link you posted is for the MLX90601, not the MLX90614. Try taking the black cap off to see what you actually have. The 90601 also has an analog out function.

I am sorry but I have to ask for help again! : - /

I have tried in various ways to receive data from the IR sensor but:

  • Via PWM I get only a series of 0

  • Analog to get away just a series of random numbers seed

DEC 20
HEX 14
OCT 24
BIN 10100

ADC 10-bit (default): 20,
12-bit: 20,
16-bit: 20,
8-bit: 20

but it does not change when a hot or cold object passes the sensor.

I made some mistakes in connection?

I checked uncovering the sensor but I haven't found nothing can identify it (photo)... The thing that made me think it was a 90601 instead of 90614 is a print in the rear of sensor "MLX90601DEEr1.0"

Thanks again Erik

You will need an oscilloscope for these tests, but I suspect you are wasting your time.

Is there laser-print on the sensor itself ? (Melexis does so)
Inc print or no print. => conterfeit.

Hello and thanks for the answers that have clarified the situation.

The seller did not have any answers (probably because he has no idea what are those board) but I found these photos on his ebay store

I am puzzled... it would seem original, maybe eight years ago Melexis did not sign with laser print the sensors or the sensor is original and the board not!

however last night I removed the sensor from the board, I am now trying to get the data, it is seen as i2c device at address 0x5A but the code I use to read the 90614 bcf does not work, I'm investigating this.

Just wondering if you managed to solve this ... because I am stuck with exactly same problem.
ebay supplier sent me this in lieu of 90614. No pin info, No idea how to make it work, PWM shows 0s only.