Mellis DIY Cellphone

Hi, I have been looking at the DIY cellphone project and have decided to try and build a slightly modified one using a SIM900 module and a Atmega1284p-pu 40 pin dip package. I am new to the Arduino IDE and cannot download the board definition to enable me to select diy cellphone in the Arduino IDE. Can anyone help.

Many thanks


Did you try the instructions on my site: ?

I tried to follow the instructions on your site and downloaded the files from Github. The hardware folder in the cellphone2 software folder was empty and I was unable to select the board from the Arduino IDE.

Just copied the files again from GITHUB and now have all the info, many thanks.

I built the phone this spring in a workshop done by a girl called Tricia, and it is really possible to do it. David C. instructed us on how to solder the thing. After that I learned a new thing that made everything easier to solder - The copper planes are quite big so the board needs to be preheated for an ordinary solder iron to be soldered. Preheating is the key. I bought a special heatblower that works from under the board, but anything similar should work.