Melting Plastic is not a good idea

One day, I didn't have my wire stripper so I had this wonderful idea of melting the plastic with my soldering iron. Guess what?

It worked for 5 minutes until the tip of the iron builded enought corrosion or plastic to interfered with the heat transfer and no longer melt my solder.

Can someone suggest me a way to clean it off?

Also, I "developped" my own technique to make some wire jumper with electric wires, but it isnt that great and I've been looking for instructions on how to do something that look good and work.

My current technique doesn't look good, is difficult and long to do and make good connection half the time.

Thanks ;D

Can someone suggest me a way to clean it off?

Get it hot and then use sandpaper. Or else use a solvent. Or get it hot and wipe and wipe and wipe on a damp sponge then use lots of solder flux.

Then only do it again with an iron you reserve for the purpose.

pro tip, most hobby shops will sell you a crappy kit that contains a firestarter that they call a soldering iron / wood burner and sometimes they are nice enough to give you a blade tip and call it a hot knife too

if you can keep it from melting in your hand, they make great abuse irons that you dont care about

You need be a little careful with the sandpaper approach though. If the tip of your iron has some kind of coating on it (the more expensive soldering irons have that) then you probably want to stay away from using sandpaper. When the tip is hot, you can get stuff off using flux and wet paper towel...

sandpaper isn't a good idea, it will remove the coating from the tip.

just tin the tip (melt solder on it), wipe on a wet sponge, repeat.

you can also buy special little pots of soldering iron cleaner, but I have never had a great deal of luck with them, and they are usually more expensive than a new tip.

they tend to stink too

Also there is a chinese solder tip repair-clean paste in dealextreme.

most solder tip repair pastes I have seen are simply high powered flux mixed in with a little bit of particle solder (maybe mixed in with some petrolatum jelly)

steel wool is gentler than sandpaper. this one, it is very good!

minus the lead free its the same stuff they sell at radio shack

honestly there is only so much flux + solder flakes + vasoline you can come up with

not saying its bad, but it hardly does anything aside from burn off oxidization from your tip (which you should not have as tips are inexpensive even for the most expensive stations, and I love the “pros” who have a clean tip but 8mm thick of crystallized crap behind it)

and for the record, I use the maroon 3M abrasive nylon pads, those are mid grade abrasive (standard green are slightly heavier) and you really have to muscle down to scratch metal with them, though crappy melted plastic goo is no match (and they blast though water clear led’s for frosting)

obviously don’t use much if any heat with a polymer product

this tip is nearly 1.5 years old with hours per day, nearly every day use with nothing else but proper tinning, a brass sponge, and the occasional wipedown with a (mild) abrasive nylon pad

and yea, I have got plastic all over it on more than one occasion, in fact 3 days ago while meddling with a xbox analog stick, I started bumping it into the casing enough were it started to stank rank

which you should not have as tips are inexpensive even for the most expensive stations

You obviously don't own a metcal, the tips for them are £20 each.