membrane switches

Trying to save some room on a project and want to go from standard push button switches to membrane switches. Does anyone have a clue on if this is ridiculously expensive. Most of the sites I have found need me to submit a design before I can get a quote.

Three buttons total on a surface area of about 3" x 3" if anyone has purchased something similar. Need 2-5 for now, and if this works lots later.

for the low low price of 19 us dollars + shipping digikey has this, which is 4 buttons you can slide a printed graphic over and is 3.6 inches long by 1. something wide but the button layout is within your 3x3 spec, so if you have some room behind (ie panel mount, not a box or something) maybe?

Make your own. :slight_smile:

It's not much more than a sheet on the top with conductor a spacer with holes and a sheet on the bottom with conductor.